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E.M.I. 9677M Vidicon

EMI 9677 Vidicon
EMI 9677 Vidicon

This is an EMI Vidicon television camera tube. An image falling on the semiconducting layer, the signal plate, inside the window (top) causes its resistance to fall. This allows charge leakage to modify the target voltage and hence the current flow into the target when it is scanned. More electrons are captured by the target, and less hit the anode in brightly illuminated areas. The diagram and illustrations do not show the external coils needed for magnetic scanning of the electron beam.

I have no data on this tube. It was sold to a radio amateur in August 1976. It was probably obsolete by that time.

Pin out from inspection seems to be :-

Pin 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Function heater grid1 target grid1 grid2 anode cathode heater

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